Soundtrack and Sonos for business made easy

The most licensed background music for your Sonos commercial system.

Soundtrack & Sonos

Make the most of your Sonos setup

Add the Soundtrack Player to your Sonos app, and get in control of everything related to music on site.

  • Search for the artists, playlists and stations you want

  • Play any of the 850+ Soundtrack playlists

  • Play, pause, and skip songs

  • Block any song from playing again

  • Change the volume

The playlists are automatically shuffled to keep the music fresh. And if you want to keep things family-friendly, you can use the optional explicit lyric filter.

Using Sonos for your business has never been easier. If you prefer simplicity, the Soundtrack and Sonos setup is perfect for you.

Built for business

Explicit lyric filter and song block

Keep things family friendly with an explicit lyric filter that you activate with a click. Hear a song you don’t like? Block it and it never plays again.


Music for all your rooms

You can play different music in all of your Sonos rooms in your business – just add more zones to your Soundtrack subscription.


How it works

Start your free trial

Create your account and try out Soundtrack risk-free for 14 days.

Connect to Sonos

Add the Soundtrack Player in your Sonos app to get connected.

Play your music

Find the perfect playlists and stations, and start streaming. It’s that simple.